Could Your Story Change the World?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

What if our stories could change the world? Do you think we'd be telling more of them? I think so...

There's more to our stores than we think

Value in the Vague

From the beginning of time there have been a few factors that remain constant. One, gravity, and two, stories. Stories have this weighty impact (gravity Pun lol) to change the hearts of men as to direct history. Stories of time past would be retold through the eyes of those who were there, and them retold through the interpretation of those who heard it. If you consider faith as a whole, much of it was once told to have begun long ago and passed down through generations of those who found value in it.

Consider the story of Big Foot. Does he exist? Does it really matter? Whether he does or not, doesn't it impact the way people think about the wild wilderness? Haven't people spent years of their lives looking for the illusive character most of us often laugh about? But you can see how, even though it may not be real, this story changes peoples decision on how they live their lives, for better or for worse.

Take superman for example. Is there really a supernatural man from the planet Krypton flying around saving our world from menaces? Is his true and only weakness kryptonite? does he really tear his close and have to net new ones every time he changes into his tights? But, how many people through the years have been vastly impacted by the ideals he represents? How many young boys wanted to be the man who saves the day? And the we get to it - isn't there something within us that is ushered forth by noble and just causes? Something inside us that longs to be just like the hero's we idolize? I believe our stories, whether hopeful and encouraging, or tragic and disheartening, have the same power to impact the lives of those around us, calling us to lives that reflect the character of those we respect and admire.

So what's your story? Don't think it's worth telling? Think again! I believe there are those around each of us that are waiting on the other side of our faithfulness to share what we've gone through. People thrive on a good story, and the fact that you live in the mess of a world, means you have a thing or two to share. So grab a favorite drink, a quiet place and a good friend to share some life with today! The impact of your story could just change the world, if not just for them!

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