Art Made Simple

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

When it comes to design art, there are really three things that make the difference for anyone. And the cool thing is, everyone has them within them...

Our Stories

Our stories define our lives, whether you are a CEO of a multi million dollar empire, or the collage drop out who decided to backpack across the Himalayas. Darth Vader was forged by his longing to protect his mother from death and his inability to do so. Captain America wanted to serve his country but was thought to lack what it took. But his true strength came was born of adversity and the desire to persevere, no matter the odds, even before he became a miniature Hulk. There was so much content to make a great story from these characters, and my encouragement to you is that you too have epic content that is worth sharing. This is the foundation of any great work of art.

Our Experiences


The Expressions Within Us

Ever felt like punching through a wall, or running as fast as you can as far as you can? Some kind of adrenaline rush derived from a concentrated experience in life, whether good or bad. Every felt so excited that you could burst, or at least make a fool of your self as milk gushes from your nose? Our experiences produce expressions or ideas within us, and those expressions and ideas produce what we call art. Art can be considered one brush stroke on a large empty canvas, or a dynamic skyscraper stretching hundreds of feet into the air, designed to withstand hurricane winds and terrifying earthquakes. Each were thought up and created by our need to express what's inside us. And since most of the world's greatest inventions and most memorable moments have come through the art of expression, why would we hold back the epic unfolding of greatness within us? Go express what greatest lies within you!

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