More Than Just an Addiction

In my eyes graphic design is simply a universal language by which we communicate concepts and ideas through a creative perspective.


At the end of the day, each piece of work tells a story of struggle and triumph to illustrate the grand tale of our lives!


Graphic T's

"In My Defense

I Was Left Unsupervised"

While this piece was made for a client, it's pretty accurate to my own life as well! As you view the images below you will notice the progression of thought and design as I hammered out the various elements that make up this piece.

Not only does visual punctuation add a lot, but the design principle of  proximity and shape take precedence here. With strategically placed elements, the personality of the design began to take form.  It was a joy creating this, and I am proud of the result!




- Website Home Page


- Letterhead

- June Newsletter

Business Card -

Thank You Letter -

Thank You Letter Envelope -

Business Envelope -

- Trifold Outside

- Printed Trifold

Trifold Inside -

- Cookbook Fundraiser

- Letterhead

- Business Card

- Envelope

In Summery

This design was crafted by Ryan Jones to facilitate his portfolio and other works of art. The basic color scheme consisting of a pastel like blues gives a sophisticated and minimalistic approach to modern design. The color and imagery for Untold Design has been crafted to stand alone as well as act as a complimentary piece along a work of art, no matter its composition.

- Website Home Page

As we sat down for our initial consultation, Linda and I began walking through her vision for HavenOne and the main objectives it needed to achieve.  In the course of time and with much experimentation we managed to capture the color scheme, feel, depth, and message that is so crucial to HavenOne's mission. From these elements we were able to create a wide variety of media, as seen above.  It was and is an absolute joy working with Linda, who also happens to be my mother.

In Summery





"Pirate Sands"

The imagination runs, or should I say sails wild in this piece featuring a sea faring vessel gliding across the desert stands! 

This composition falls under the category of art called surrealism, featuring several real life images manipulated and arranged to create a completely new work of art!

"Into the Black"

Sometimes are emotions are just abstract feelings with very little visual aid or depth to them. And sometimes they are some of the most profound things we experience in our lives!

This surreal piece is not meant to express one emotion over the other, but rather leave the choice to the viewer to decide how to feel.

"The Job Review"

And you thought your work place was rough...

This surreal piece was inspired by a combination of concept and graphical work by other artists who did a wonderful job of capturing this strange relationship between a huge bird and a man standing there looking up at it, as calm as an be. Perhaps you have another interpretation as to what you feel it should say?


This preliminary sketch served as a guide for what would be known as "Beauty Reserved", as displayed below. 

The work was done strictly with Adobe Illustrator primarily using the brush tool and a variety of gradients shaped with the pen tool to form the values of this portrait.


- Majesty -

From the first outline to the finished product, this fearsome king of the beats was created by Adobe Illustrator.

It was a true joy watching this piece come to life, as in the beginning, it was hard to see any resemblance of a lion take form. But through various moments of inspiration and a determination to complete this work, "Majesty" was born!

- The Wizard of Oz, Winter Style -

Commissioned by Peak Performing Arts for their 2018 play performances, this poster was created as a marketing piece for the community of Colorado Springs to attended their many showings


This was a unique task - to take the classic story of the Wizard of Oz and set it to a winter theme. Done completely in Adobe Illustrator, this poster was a challenge and a learning experience. 

Started with 3 concepts show here. Went with a variation of the bottom left concept to end up with the finished product below.

Artist: Ryan Jones


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